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Granite State Plastics is currently looking for a Distributor in California to start distribution of our turntables and plastic display hook line with the potential to "eventually" handle most of the West Coast territory for us.

We would be looking to ship half truck and truckload shipments at a discount for an extended credit period to start things off. (Terms are negotiable.)

Please contact Richard W. Wedge at 603.595.7790 (Ext. 18) to discuss in further detail. All other options are open for discussion.

*We are also looking for a similar Distributor in Canada, Australia and the U.K.


Contact Krystal McLaughlin, Sales Assistant
E-Mail: kmclaughlin@gspnh.com
Richard Wedge, Sales Manager
E-Mail: rwedge@gspnh.com
Granite State Plastics, Inc.
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Telephone: (603) 595-7790
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