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Glass Filled Nylon Slatwall Hooks

Glass Filled Nylon Slatwall Hooks
Slatwall Hook with Lock-in Feature
The NEW Glass Filled Nylon Slatwall Hook is of stronger construction than the regular plastic hooks and is available in white or black.

Glass Filled Nylon Slatwall HookGlass filled Nylon slatwall hook








SIZE Black Part # White Part # 1,000 10,000 25,000
2" WKH-216 WKH-212 $150.00/M $142.80/M $129.50/M
4" WKH-217 WKH-213 $158.50/M $151.90/M $144.00/M
6" WKH-218 WKH-214 $176.70/M $161.30/M $150.00/M
8" WKH-219 WKH-215 $186.30/M $170.30/M $157.30/M
  Clear Part #      
2" WKH-237 $144.00/M $135.50/M $122.20/M
4" WKH-235 $152.40/M $146.40/M $137.90/M
SLATWALL HOOK with Lock-in Feature
MATERIAL:  Clear stocked in P.E.T.G - Black stocked in glass filled nylon.
          QUANTITY - PRICE  
PART # LENGTH MATERIAL COLOR 1,000 pcs. 10,000 pcs. 25,000 pcs. 50,000 pcs.
WKH-239A 2 inch P.E.T.G. Clear $234.70/M $226.90/M $220.20/M $205.70/M
WKH-240 2 inch Glass filled nylon Black $240.20/M $234.70/M $227.50/M $220.22/M

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